Pain and Joy

Last night both Barb and I were tweeting and the feed was blowing up. It was flying by faster than I could keep up. People were elated at the news of Bin Laden’s demise, and I was right there with them. The mood was lighthearted and jovial, we were cracking jokes about how long it was taking for the President to make the live announcement. My favorite was a tweet by our friend “K”. She tweeted it was taking so long because VP Biden refused to get out of his Thomas the Tank Engine Pajamas, it was late after all! We were thrilled to see the fans at the Phillies game chanting USA USA and the citizens cheering at the fences of The White House.

It was also a giddy moment for us, because it was the first time my dear Barb was feeling well enough to really engage after her first round of chemotherapy. Barb is an avid tweeter and her “tweeps” had missed hearing from her over the last several days as she fought the side effects of her treatment. It was wonderful to hear her strong laugh.

We were also elated because we feel we have a personal stake in this war. Our oldest spent a year of her life fighting in Iraq and we are extremely proud of her combat tour, the Army in general and the 82nd Airborne specifically!

I am a moderate conservative, although some of my conservative friends would tell me that makes me liberal! I believe firmly in our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy and firmly believe we should protect those freedoms. Thomas Jefferson said “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” and he was right.

But what is the correlation between freedom and justice? Last night the President announced that justice has been done. Today I am wondering if justice has been done?

Did any of Bin Laden’s family mourn for him, either yesterday or years ago when he chose his life’s path? Did they feel justice was done? Was there satisfaction or closure for family and friends who survived the horrific attacks that this terrible man perpetrated? Or were wounds scabbed and scarred ripped open again? Do they feel justice was done for them?

I feel satisfied that this personification of cowardice, this guttersnipe to quote Winston, this madman who could not be reasoned with or who, without thinking twice about it, would kill myself, friends and family is no longer a threat to anyone. But I do feel saddened today by the events of yesterday. And I am glad and thankful that I can feel these mixed emotions because we enjoy freedom, but;

I feel the pain of the 911 victims,
I feel the pain of a parent,
I feel the pain of worry for those in harms way,
I feel the pain that comes from living in a sin-filled world,
I feel the pain of a soul lost.

I feel the joy and pride of a mission accomplished,
I feel the joy of a parent,
I feel the joy of hope,
I feel the joy of relationship,
I feel the joy of being freed from what I deserve, the joy of perfect justice to come.

So this day after, I am full of mixed emotions and contemplations.

Peace, Faith, Love, and Hope


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  • Melody Campbell  On May 3, 2011 at 16:26

    Your Dad and I are thankful for you and proud of you. Is there any prospeective candidate running for Pres for the Moderate Republican Party?

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