The last time I wrote we had just thrown our Wiggin Out Party where we had folks shave their heads and Barb had her head shaved before all her hair fell out from Chemo.

That was a year ago! Most of you know our story but let me recap:.

  • 8 rounds of Chemo
  • Double Mastectomy
  • Emergency Surgery
  • SimonPalooza!!
  • Radiation
  • Mother-in-Law’s Double Mastectomy
  • Mother-In-Law’s Emergency Surgery (Like Daughter Like Mother! Or Monkey See Monkey Do)
  • Back to work part-time
  • Back to work full-time!!!

What a year!

Barb is doing well. She still is in recovery mode and gets a little frustrated at times that it is not faster, but really is doing well. She is a Warrior and I am very proud of her. She has not only weathered this storm but has sailed through these hard waters with Joy and Compassion for others. She is remarkably strong and quick to credit the true source of her resolve and strength, her faith in God.

Just a few short months ago I was also presented with an opportunity that I felt drawn too as the correct course of action for us. I applied for a vacancy on our City Council. After several months of interviews and vetting I was appointed to our Council. A week before I was to be sworn into office, several things occurred that clearly indicated to me that this was NOT something I should pursue, Barb’s continued health recovery and additional work responsibilities were just a few of those factors.

Now to the real reason to begin writing again: In July I will be heading to Malawi to help support One5 Foundation and Global Health Innovations build a Birthing Center in Salima, Malawi.

Global Health Innovations is a non-profit organization that exists to design, implement and manage medical programs focused on providing solutions to save lives…one village at a time.  GHI is passionate about providing health care for vulnerable children in poverty-stricken areas that often do not have a voice.  Sometimes the simplest solution can save a life. Sometimes it’s more complex. In any case we are tackling three large issues: malaria, HIV/AIDS with our HITSystem, and orphaned and vulnerable children in need of basic health care.”

Below are the building plans developed with our dear friends at bensonwedd.

Building A has already been completed and the next efforts will focus on Building ‘B’ with construction starting in August 2012, building ‘C’ will start in 2013.

Building B contains 2 OR’s and clinical space to support those OR’s.

I am thrilled to be a part of this journey and proud of our company for pursuing this dream.

Stay tuned!

Peace and Hope


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  • Willis Campbell  On June 18, 2012 at 13:15

    Great work. Keep it up. We love you both.

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