Great Adventure # 2

I had tried to post this several weeks ago from Malawi, but did not realize it did not post…hereitis belatedly.

Great Adventure #2

We made it to Lilongwe, Malawi about 23:00 local time. After clearing customs we found our driver who took us our hotel. We discovered that the lines down the middle of the road are really a loose suggestion. It was quite a ride!

After a solid nights sleep we retrieved our rental car and I acclimated myself to the middle of road, as well as driving on the left. We toured the city for a bit, more for me to get used to driving on the left than anything else. After I did a round-a-bout clockwise rather than counter-clockwise, I felt I had it under control. We went back to the hotel for directions to Salima and to get some local currency.

The day was bright and beautiful, it is winter here and the morning tempatures were in the low 50’s but as the day progressed we were grateful for the AC in the car.

The road was pretty good. I was amazed at the amount of foot traffic. There was not a stretch of the two lane road where people were on bikes and walking.

We made it to Salima after a few hours and found the clinic and our hotel.

The clinic is a beautiful building and as soon as we pulled up, kids from the nearby orphanage started asking “what’s your name?”. It will be good to interact with the this week.

We got checked in, had a late lunch and explored the compound. We are staying at a hotel on Lake Malawi. I can literally walk out my back door and be by the lake.

We met up with Brad and his family at dinner and will head to the clinic in the morning, to develop a game plan for the rest of the week, including trying to get power to the well.

I will get more pictures tomorrow when I am not trying to navigate, drive and see everything at the same time!

Grace and Peace



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