In between the three

Today, one of Barb’s doctors recommended and gave her authorization to apply for a permanent handicap placard. I went to the DMV to pick it up for her and was a bit taken aback when I received it with the date sticker; it was for June 2017.


2017! That’s 3 years from now! Looking back at what has happened to us in the LAST three years seemed to place the fragileness of life and what may happen in the next three years in depressing perspective.


In the last three years:


1)   Barb and Judy were diagnosed with Breast Cancer

2)   Lizzy moved to Tucson and finished her dog training certification, received her Caregiver certification

3)   Jessie was in Iraq, got out of the Army, got married, moved to St Louis, bought a house, started a civilian career

4)   Eryn changed jobs, added Gizmo and Jeff to her life, got a Masters Degree

5)   Brenna graduated from College, added the Ouellette’s to her life, moved into her first apartment, got her first post college job and car

6)   I have been to Malawi and Haiti.


In the next three years:


1)   We will be living in a different house

2)   Someone will probably have a new Master’s degree

3)   A different daughter will be working in her field of study

4)   Yet another may have moved

5)   Will we be grandparents?

6)   Who will still be with us

7)   Who will be gone

8)   What new places will be visited

9)   I will have a nephew in college and another in high school

10)   What will be the status of our health?


If I dwell on it too long, I could be overwhelmed, scared and depressed. But as I have blogged before, I have a hope. A hope that lets me move through the days and challenges of life, living as an overcomer!


Life is a grand adventure. I am so thankful that you have joined me on this marvelous ride, for if you are reading this no doubt you are called friend. Thanks for the last 3 and here’s to the next!

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  • Ty McC  On July 1, 2014 at 18:41

    #6 Grandparents? I can see Eryn’s eyes rolling already.

    In the last three year a lot has changed for me as well. (Although I generally mark my time in 4 years by Olympics to Olympics…)
    So since the Vancouver games to the Sochi Games…
    I was still closeted, still in Oklahoma, still thinking I could get a job as a Nazarene Pastor, still dating a girl, still living in Bethany, Okla., still driving a 93 Honda Civic (it still had AC back then).

    Four years later, I have tackled some of my closeted demons, build an organization to help other closeted kids deep in the church come out, dated guys, fell in love, had my first broken heart, and a second, moved to Norman, and got a master’s degree, FINALLY got a job that will get me out of Oklahoma!, got published on a national newspaper, and am finally dealing with the depression that has crippled me at times post coming-out.

    The exciting part is, I hope to change as much if not more in the next four years. I want to learn more about the world and myself, ask more questions, explore more. I could fear change (both the good and the bad), or I could embrace it learn from it, grow and evolve from it. I chose to do the latter.

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