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Today is World Diabetes Day!

I suspect that is news to most of you. That’s ok, pancreases are not as inspiring or thought provoking as breasts or other diseases. And even within the community of diabetics, Diabetes is a very misunderstood disease.

There is a huge difference between a Type I and a Type II; how the disease is treated; the perception of each Type; the myths and facts of each Type and so on. So it is no wonder that today is not widely known.

I could write a long diatribe about public awareness and the frustrations of why some chronic diseases fight for any public awareness and others are right in front of you (see what I did there? lol), but that is not what I want to talk about today.

I will mention that at the core most people want to get behind a cause that gives rise to hope and while most disease causes are awful to contemplate most (cancers included) have stories that provide hope and inspiration.

Even in our personal life facing the cancer fight was hard and long and terrible but My Sweet is cancer free today! That is a message of hope!


But she still has diabetes. You know the sugars, the diabEtus.


Having diabetes, whether Type I or II, is a 24 hour – 365 day – for-the-rest-of-my-life disease. That does not lend itself to hope or does it?

I do not like it that I became a Type III (a person who cares for a Person With Diabetes). I do not like it, that we fight lows, and count carbs and do math at every meal. BUT if I had not become a Type III I probably would not have ever been introduced to some of the most HOPE giving and encouraging people in the world!

Think about it….These dear people face a chronic, daily disease with grace and fortitude. We laugh and cry and just do life together. And these dear friends remind me to quit complaining about insignificant issues in my own life. They deal with life and death issues daily! My issues are small and insignificant.

No, I don’t like it that I have personal knowledge about World Diabetes Day, but I am very THANKFUL and HOPEFUL to know these PWD’s. They make me a better person. So thank you to my friend’s in the Diabetic Online Community! The DOC has changed our lives for the better!

Today is World Diabetes Day. Celebrate the people, celebrate the resilience. CRUSH this disease.



Atlanta Hartsfield Airport is very busy and according to my Foursquare feed I have been here 523 times in the last three weeks. (not really just feels that way) I tend to split my time between DTW, MSP and ATL as my connection airports, avoiding CVG and MEM if at all possible, but I digress.

Becasue it is so busy I was very surprised this evening when sitting on the tarmac after just having pushed back from the gate, a tug and attached luggage cart came wheeling right up along side the aircraft.

We heard thudding as the cargo door was opened. I watched the driver load an additional bag into the hold and then the the cart whisked off into the evening.

I commented to my seat mate that was a sight I had never witnessed before, that someones luggage almost missed the flight and then he said something that resonated with me; “they don’t know how lucky they are.”

I think in general that is how most of us live our lives. We walk around oblivious to goodness that surrounds us. This is not a new thought or a staggering one. How many times have you heard the old cliche’ “slow down and smell the roses”? Or, take time? The truth is we have a tendency to run through life. Moving at an ever swifter pace.

A co-worker and I were bemoaning the fact last week of the mountains of email we get on a daily basis and the subtle and sometime not so subtle expectation of certain senders of an immediate response. Life at an unrelenting pace.

The truth is we are very lucky, everyone of us. I do use the word lucky a bit tongue in cheek here, a better word would be blessed. Yes, that is a good word.

Consider our current circumstances and you may tell me that I am crazy for thinking we are blessed, but let me elaborate.

My dear wife has breast cancer and is also a type I diabetic. We received the pathology reports from her biopsy last week and are just in the beginning stages of fighting the big C.

My mother- in- law, received the results of her biopsy today and she also has breast cancer.

We have a twofer. And thanks we don’t want to go for three.

The outlook for our lives over the next year includes chemotherapy, surgery, radiation treatments, more surgery, lots of visits and discussions with nuemerous medical professionals as well as the ever and ongoing discussions with Blue Cross and now Medicare. All the while keeping up with our ever increasing flow of email, Facebook, twitter, etc.

But consider how lucky we are:

We have reconnected and have heard from thousands of friends all over the world.
We have good jobs with caring people.
We have fabulous customers, client and vendors who check on our well being.
We have a God who has made His presence known to us individually, daily.
We have family who cares for us and most of the time likes us!
We have a great team of clinicians who are accessible to us.
We have opportunities to share our story and make a difference in others.


We have each other.
We have each other.
We have each other.

We are indeed blessed and lucky.

In no way do I want my loved ones to suffer, but if we do, then we will look for the good and make sure that others know too.

How lucky are you today?

Peace, Love, Faith and Hope