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Great Adventure #1

Great Adventure Part 1

Tomorrow I leave for Lilongwe, Malawi and then to Salima, Malawi where my traveling partner, the executive director of One5 Foundation, Glenn Alexander and I will begin our fact finding and organizational mission to build a two OR suite for the Malawi Birthing Center. We travel from Kansas City, to Detroit, Amsterdam, Nairobi and then arrive in Malawi.

It is late in the evening and my list of to do items is still growing, rather than shrinking!

This has been such a busy week already. The first part of the week I attended the annual conference of the American Society of Hospital Engineers in San Antonio, completed the last training class for Community Emergency Response Team with the Olathe Fire Department which included a live disaster drill, had a state inspection of a new facility today, participated in DSMA Live this evening and leave for Africa tomorrow!

What a rush! Yes, and we are still doing laundry.

I have real mixed emotions about this trip. I am so excited and privileged to be a part of this great endeavor, but I am also a bit apprehensive, about traveling so far. What if the air conditioning goes out at the house, what if Barb’s car breaks down, what if Eryn or Judy needs something? The truth is I married a women who can handle anything, I just like taking care of her. They will all be fine. This becomes another opportunity to place worry where it deserves to be, out! Worry for me is directly related to the amount of control I think I have. Our disaster scenario last night was chaos! I purposely, did not assume a leadership position. I wanted to, badly. I wanted to exercise control, but I knew I would learn more and be in a better position to lead when faced with a ‘real’ disaster if I stepped back. It is a lesson and discipline that I am trying to practice more often.

So, as I finish my lists, and compile all my data, I am making a choice to relax and listen. To make sure that my agenda is not being pushed to the exclusion of others, unless of course I’m right. LOL

Stay tuned here. I hope to be able to post when I get an Internet connection and plan on posting pictures and stories about this great adventure!

Grace and Peace